Friday, November 30, 2007

Ball Point Pen Art: Hall of Fame 2007

1. Jerry Stith
2. Babis Kiliaris
3. Vincent D. Whitehead
4. Don McIntire
5. Jason Powell
6. Don Stewart
7. Joseph Edwards
8. Dolors Barberan
9. Edward Leavy
10. Laurinda Behrens
11. Ron Zilinski
12. Dean Williams
13. Eric Cook
14. Eric Ventour
15. Justino Magalona
16. Dennis Kinch
17. Peggy Hosfelt
18. Renee Lichtman
19. Joseph Capuana
20. Shane Williams
21. David Flower
22. Dennis Carlisle
23. Alvin Burt
24. Greg Pennington
25. Joshua Armstrong
26. Jhonatan Linares
27. Haruki Funadamat
28. Janice Hardacre
29. Alan Vaughn
30. Jenny Sibley
31. Pat O'Doherty
32. Murray Cholowsky
33. Luke Dempsey
34. John McDonald
35. Maureen Wolff
36. Lawrence S Currie
37. Oaken Forbade
38. Gregory Kimble
39. Randy Nore
40. Kevin Eason
41. Emma Cox
42. Zach Carpenter
43. Olivia

BallPoint Pen Art- Stith

Ball Point Pen Art International

Greetings Art World, This is Jerry Stith artist and founder of BallPoint Pen Art here on the Web. I’m a self-taught American artist that started a new art program called BallPoint Pen Art, Ball Point Pen Art or Ballpointpenart. I’m the first and only person to establish such an art program related to the ballpoint pen. I’m an American folk artist therefore my new art program is an American Folk Art program!

I’m the first person in the world to buy and .us domain names. Legally that records the time, place, name or program similar to a patent number.

The inventor of the ballpoint pen was Mr. John J. Load a citizen of the United States, residing at Weymonth, in the county of Norfolk and Common Wealth of Massachusetts, patented the first ballpoint pen. That means the ballpoint pen is an American heritage an enjoyed worldwide today. Our new American folk art program is based on the ballpoint pen invented by John J. Load. Mr. J. J. Loud patented the ballpoint pen on Oct. 30, 1888, registration No. 392,046.

The Biro Brothers made improvements and has most of the world calling J. J. Load’s invention the Biro! Bic was a Nobleman and produced the world’s most favorite pen in history or over 100 billion ballpoint's. Those ballpoint pens were used making the best carbon copies, which radically changed the government or business world. Ballpoint pen’s new colors or half-tone lines are our major features different from other pens.

Together ballpoint pens an ballpoint pen art stands in American history. The ballpoint pen and new American Folk Art program are part of our country’s heritage. All American ballpoint pen folk artists here qualify for that privilege. Artists that went to art schools, colleges or universities are institutionalized and don’t qualify as folk artists. Our art movement is based on the instrument we use or lines it produces. The ballpoint pen’s half tone lines are the best in art history and represent a new mark of excellence. Pen detailed lines have never been so extra-fine or subtle. A truly remarkable half tone polishes the picture to perfection.

Our American folk art movement has the largest ballpoint pen art network on the Internet. International ballpoint pen artists aren’t part of our folk art yet represent fellow penmen. The total ballpoint pen art movement is ranked with the other pen & ink medium. Together we’re pen art and members of the art world. Much of the pen & ink movement does artworks in black & white. Ballpoint pens have dark deep rich colors or the most sublet half tone line in pen history. That’s art news and art history in the makings.

Ballpoint pen art is part of the Pen & Ink art movement yet an International art movement of it’s own. The ballpoint pen is the only pen in history that makes a half-tone line, which is the greatest camera-ready line in art history. The ballpoint pen has oil-based inks and now comes in multi-colors. Ballpoint pen art was established officially here in the United States of America. Developing ballpoint pen art or drawing Internationally or Nationally is our concern or goal. Today, we have and American folk art movement and an International art movement to organize or develop. There are 45 of the best ballpoint pen artists assembled with 1,000 drawings displayed and improving that is our goal!

Founder: Jerry Stith. All credit goes to God, Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit, amen.

Thank You,

Jerry Stith