Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ball Point Pen Art: Archiving History

Greetings, this is Jerry Stith or the founder of an American folk art program referred to Ball Point Pen Art, Ballpoint Pen Art or Ballpointpenart. I’ve been on the WWW from the year 2000 as an artist, publisher, researcher and video producer. Providing ballpoint pen art a platform or home base has been my ongoing goal during that time span. Posting information pertaining to colored ballpoint pens, refills or colored pen packets, ISO/DIN archival inks, light fast tests results, artists names, artworks, videos and related URL’s or links has been taking place in order to help others learn about this developing art movement.

The Bic Pen Company reported five years ago that they alone have sold one hundred billion ballpoint pens. Needless to say, that's a lot of ballpoint pens, many purchases or a worldwide best selling product. Pen and Ink has been around for the past four thousand plus years, is one of the first art or writing mediums that helped shape, advance or improved every society throughout the world. A ballpoint pen is used for writing, carbon copy producing or art which in turn prospered almost all realms of society!

A ballpoint pen has three major virtues that no other pen system in history has produced. A ballpoint pen is the only pen ever manufactured with an oil based ink delivery system. Many ballpoint pens can produce a mile long flowing line, brilliant or dark rich colors plus an exquisite half tone line. Imagine producing a half tone line from a full toned ink if you may. The ballpoint pens ultra-fine (extra-fine) or fine tips produced the subtlest camera ready line in history which elevated the sensitivity of the art world globally. The long flowing line is spectacular for creating spontaneous artworks or for capturing motion, life and nature in real time. Last yet not least are its deep rich or outstanding colors. It’s very important because that places it on the same level with many other art mediums.

I think that Pen and Ink was held back because our art movement never developed colors. Nature arrives in color so reproducing, capturing or imitating it is rather difficult with only a black ink or medium. India ink was however an archived medium which is exceptionally important in the art world yet doesn’t substitute for colors. Today, however a ballpoint pen does arrive on the marketplace in color as well as an archived inks. Again that places a ballpoint pen on the same level or footing as other colored art mediums. Those developments have tremendously increased the Pen and Ink or Ballpoint Pen and ink art movements as never before. Please remember, that the Ballpoint Pen Art movement is the largest developing art movement in history and Jerry Stith is the one doing the most to establish it!

Educating a worldwide pubic of ballpoint pen virtues and providing them a home base or forum certainly helped improve our art movement. I’m currently publishing over 800 ballpoint pen artists names, 5,440 artworks, 153 videos, information and facts therefore archiving history is taking place. Nine years of my life have gone into archiving, recording, publishing or documenting ballpoint pen art in order to advance the Pen and Ink art movement. A ballpoint is just one pen system that makes up the Pen and Ink Art movement yet stands on its own as an art medium.

How can the most popular or sold art medium in history go unnoticed and not get recognized? Why aren’t the pen companies, art communities, the media or investors jumping on the bandwagon? Billions of dollars can be produced by capitalizing the most popular art movement in history, I would think! What about you? I’ve been doing ballpoint pen art from 1968 therefore have a complete program for those with millions to invest in producing ballpoint pen art history, helping others or making a profit.

I started an American folk art program called Ball Point Pen Art in order to establish what a ballpoint pen can do as an art medium, instrument or movement. No other people or artists on the WWW have produced such a program, verbalized such virtues or facts yet alone publish so much information pertaining to Ball Point Pen Art. History indicates doing such makes me the leader of the International Ball Point Pen Art movement. The facts indicate a truth as do my artworks, publications, video and written statements!

My site shows thousands of scribbles, inklings, doodles, sketches, renderings, drawings or illustrations for your enjoyment. I’ve also advanced the ballpoint pen art movement by creating and publishing ballpoint pen art videos, animations, commercial formats, digital variations, mono drawings, black and white pictures or multi-colored drawings like no others before me! All those things plus much information is archived for your knowledge or pleasure folks.

Have a blessed and prosperous day, Jerry Stith